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+55 11 999811983

Innovation consultancy for the development of urban projects

For real estate development we offer the ability to integrate specialists who can, together, collaborate for a more systemic and innovative vision.

Based on current market research and mainly in the future, we work with more sustainable concepts, technologies and approaches, with an emphasis on designing social spaces.

We understand urbanism as the stage for human relations and real estate developments are an integral and catalytic part of this composition.

Technological advancement allows for new spatial configurations that must meet new generations, who have different profiles than the previous ones, but which will coexist with them.

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Getting closer to the target audience is one of the process tools for the project to meet market expectations. We organize practices and methodologies for this purpose, which result in spontaneous marketing already in the product preparation period.

Connectivity, accessibility, mobility, low socio-environmental impact, development oriented to transportation, green corridors, landscaping and the environment are principles that guide our work in consulting, master plans, urban requalification projects, real estate subdivisions, neighborhoods and planned communities.