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With experienced professionals and continuous improvement of knowledge and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we offer solutions for sustainability and regeneration.

Aimed at best practices, our service portfolio is focused on innovation, ecosystem services and return on investment.

We know that complex projects require indicators, structuring, knowing the target audience and proper planning.

For any project, we believe in the opportunity for dialogue, participatory, collaborative and co-creation work as the most effective project design tools.

In addition to the main team, we have collaborators and prior mapping of networks of professionals and companies, who participate in our ecosystem at each specific request.

The team’s professional experience combined with our institutional connectivity (consolidated in practice through research, participation in congresses, symposiums and sectorial forums for continuous knowledge updating) allows us to offer excellent services.


Pentagrama Projetos em Sustentabilidade was created in 2005 with the purpose of offering sustainability consulting, projects and training for civil construction.

With qualified professionals, we have carried out in these years of activity residential, urban, commercial, corporate and industrial projects. As a result, we delivered numerous academic and institutional lectures, we participated as teachers in postgraduate and university extension courses, we act in entities (foundation of the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction-CBCS), Sustainability Group of AsBEA (Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices) and the Smart City Business America Institute.

In 2012, we started urban planning projects because we saw that the buildings, even with the best socio-environmental practices, do not constitute sustainable neighborhoods and communities.

In 2015 we prototyped an unprecedented model for Brazilian agrihoods. ‘Agrihood’ is a terminology that incorporates the concept of agriculture + neighborhood. Inspired by this new pattern of neighborhoods, which has become a trend in the United States, Canada and Europe, we have already carried out several studies that are being implemented.

In our journey to develop the Brazilian model of “agrihoods”, we found that agroforestry systems are the best solution for local food production because it incorporates forest restoration.

In 2020, to respond to the challenges of climate change, evasion of the countryside, to promote new opportunities for agribusiness and to regenerate degraded areas, we also directed our actions towards the implementation of large-scale agroforestry systems for rural areas. We have consolidated and attractive financial statements and modeling, with production based on mechanization, precision agriculture and remote monitoring.

With new purposes, we have a new board and new partnerships within the sector.


Develop projects, consultancies and process facilitation, in a transdisciplinary way, to develop a positive impact and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We work with collaborative principles between different areas of knowledge to achieve economic, social and environmental values.


Create resilient and referential models for future generations, with a focus on sustainability and regeneration.